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Service Bodies

  • Service bodies available:
    • Standard Service Bodies (pictured)
    • Aluminum Service Bodies
    • EC-Series Service Bodies
    • Line Bodies
    • Crane Bodies
  • Steel construction with ample external storage
  • Easy access storage for efficiency and organization
  • Adjustable shelving and customized storage options

Platform Bodies

  • Platform bodies available:
    • Aluminum Platform Bodies
    • Value-Master X Platform Bodies (pictured)
    • Heavy-Hauler Junior Platform Bodies
    • Cargo-Hauler Platform Bodies
    • Heavy-Hauler Platform Bodies
    • Westerner Platform Bodies
    • Contractor Bodies
    • Concrete Bodies
    • Landscaper Bodies
  • Customized lengths and widths to fit your truck
  • Customized flooring for anything you are hauling
  • Numerous accessories available to choose from

Gooseneck Bodies

  • Gooseneck bodies available:
    • Aluminum PGNB Gooseneck Bodies (pictured)
    • PGNA Gooseneck Bodies
    • PGNB Gooseneck Bodies
    • PGNC Gooseneck Bodies
    • PGND Gooseneck Bodies
  • Lightweight and Strong with Aerospace technology
  • Available in different sizes

Dump Bodies

  • Dump bodies available:
    • Drop Side Dump Bodies (pictured)
    • Rigid Side Dump Bodies
    • Heavy Drop Side Contractor Dump Bodies
  • Light weight, but built for any job
  • Customized accessory options for under-body storage

KUV Bodies

  • KUV bodies available:
    • KUV Bodies (pictured)
    • KUVcc Bodies
  • Dependable enclosed utility body
  • Essential for HVAC/plumbing, electrical, construction, utility and telecommunications.
  • Side accessible storage
  • Over-sized cargo
  • Central lock system

Forestry Bodies

  • Only the Standard Forestry Bodies available (pictured)
  • Made with the tree care company in mind
  • Standard features that are optional with many other manufacturers
  • Many safety and storage options

Mechanic Trucks

  • Mechanic trucks available:
    • KMS16 Mechanics Service Trucks (pictured)
    • KMS30 Mechanics Service Trucks
    • KMT1 Mechanics Trucks
    • KMT2 Mechanics Trucks
    • KMT3 Mechanics Trucks
  • Suitable for heavy construction, railroads, municipalities, mining, agriculture and equipment rental
  • Reliable, productive and safe
  • Comes with a crane for lifting, heavy duty mechanic drawers and secure storage
  • Variety of crane body lengths

Fuel Lube Trucks

  • Fuel lube trucks available:
    • KLT1 Lube Trucks (pictured)
    • KFLT1 Fuel Lube Trucks
    • KFLT2 Fuel Lube Truck
  • Customized options to suit anything you need
  • Option for a 2,000 gallon fuel tank
  • Product tanks available ranging from 50 gallons to 250 gallons

Water Trucks

  • Available water trucks:
    • KWT2 Water Trucks (pictured)
    • KWT4 Water Trucks
  • Available in standard water tank sizes or custom sizes to suit your specific job
  • Used in dust control, delivery, and military applications

For questions on details and pricing for Knapheide, contact us at (479) 770-0077, Option 5